Empower relationships

Contact building and relationship management platform for non-profit organizations

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Marketing and engagement are the only way to hit your revenue and membership goals.

Communication is a big deal. Stop wasting time struggling with your old stand alone tools. Have them speak the same language and say goodbye to poor performances forever. TeamArtist is the new standard for managing your organization effectively. Forget about day to day administrative pains and focus on marketing your organization.
Engaging your members has never been so easy!

Members play notes, Teamartist transforms them into a beautiful symphony. You are the conductor.

All directors, members, volunteers and staff have their own profile in TeamArtist. They can easily and quickly update it. TeamArtist is a powerful tool for orchestrating content, media, news about daily activity and much more. You will be surprised by how marketing and engagement will soar.

Build up, measure, increase and show the social impact of your organization.

The future of your organization depends on how well you can demonstrate its social impact. In fact, it directly affects donations, members, volunteers and ultimately the very existence of your organization. This is why everything that runs through TeamArtist is tracked, analyzed and clearly displayed so that you can understand what's going on. Take advantage of this information to strengthen the common idea people have about your organization's social value.

All you need is at your fingertips

All the functions for empowering your organization.

Add new contacts using our advanced tools

The right tool can change contact building from frustrating to easy and effective. Let us give your lists a boost.

Empower existing relationships

Existing relationships are your treasure. We'll increase it by managing daily routine and warning you when you can add value.

Manage your organization effectively

We have it all: membership management, beautiful website, email marketing, fundraising, payments, online registrations and accounting.

Save time and money using fully integrated tools

All our apps are fully integrated on the same base of knowledge. Let us take care of your happiness and make your job easier.

Not always in front of your computer?

Take your organization with you.

Thanks to our beautiful design, you can use TeamArtist
on the go with any device that has a web browser. Use your phone
or tablet to register payments, manage events and update your activity.